Case Study -
About the customer
Based in Oxfordshire, UK, is an online bathroom retailer with a portfolio of 8500 bathroom products. These products are retailed across the UK with next day delivery. The products are SKU based and there are not complex products. The key to the success of is competitive pricing, great customer service and availability of product.
With super streamlined processes has been looking at how it can streamline further and improve automation of product & brand management while increasing sales and identifying competitors with simple yet actionable analytics.

“The ability to streamline product pricing, manage advertising and actively see the results was outstanding…. “ - Jerome Brown - eCommerce Manager

Overall Goal
The main goal of the implementation was to get a clear understanding of the marketplace against brands, products and competitors.
Once the core of system is implemented analyse the opportunity within the marketplace and product portfolio to deliver rapid price changes to increase all defined KPI’s (Margin, Sales, Costs)
Challenges to Overcome

No competitor visibility

No ability to automate price changes

No ability to discover opportunity growth

No ability for effective reporting

How results where achieved
PriceSynergy.IO linked product portfolio from their eCommerce platform including custom attributes to aid analysis within the data sets.
By providing above and beyond data, PriceSynergy.IO to was able to provide a complete synergization of product data presented in PowerBI Dashboards to give complete visibility of market share, opportunity and competitors at all different levels including revenue stream, brand, categories & sku level.
Linking directly back in to the eCommerce platform PriceSynergy.IO was able to directly update pricing in near real time to the consumer. These prices where reflected within the advertising streams to drive customers to the website and convert to sales.

“Directly extracting product information from Magento allows us to fully utilise the platform to deliver outstanding results…” - Managing Director - Tim Ford

The Results required the visibility to gain further market share, within the bathroom industry, this sector is highly competitive and required reactiveness. Utilsing PriceSyngery.IO pricing systems, prices where adjusted through the day and results monitor carefully. Product analysis was linked to advertising budgets at product level to achieve outstanding growth.


32.25% Increase

Conversion Rate

33.08% Increase


25% Increase

Avg Order Value

5.08% Increase
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