Supplier & Stock Mangement

Understanding what your competitors are selling is critical to any business, but what if you could identify product that could deliver sales even if you weren’t selling them. Pretty cool right!
Our systems identify key moving product lines from your suppliers to advise on opportunities that are available and other retailers are missing out on.
Our supplier and stock management systems don’t just stop there, imagine having 5 suppliers of a product all at different cost prices and also at different stock levels. How would you manage your pricing based on stock availability!
Our autonomous systems monitor cost pricing and stock levels to increase and decrease sale prices based on availability ensuring that we constantly deliver sales, best pricing and profitability.

Complete Multi supplier inventory and cost pricing management

Autonomous repricing based on inventory levels across multiple suppliers ensuring cost effective purchasing of product to maximize profitability

Intelligent product segmentation based on versatility of inventory levels.

Supplier product analysis ensuring that you are always buying at the best price while taking into account, commission, rebates and marketing support.

PriceSynergy.IO - Supplier & Stock Management