Multichannel Support

Ever wanted to sell across multiple revenue stream and wondered how an earth you are going to identify competitors, handle price changes, mange out of stock products or even just understand your market share?
With it's all done for you at a click of a button, we understand that different revenue stream have different requirements, our intelligent pricing software takes all of these in to account when products and brands are pushed through our algorithms.
Our easy to use software allows you to sell products at different prices across revenue streams taking in to account defined variables.
PriceSyngery.IO provides instant insights based on changes allowing quick decisions to be made or even give you the easy ability to understand a market before entering it.

Manage brand and product portfolios across multiple revenue streams.

Realtime data analysis based on top level changes within revenue streams.

Gain key insights in to your competitors across brands and products.

Identify your current market share based on pricing variables and competitor pricing.

Discover opportunities within revenue streams that your competitors are missing.

Identify competitor trends for price changes and competitor portfolios.

Complete real time Dashboard for Sales and Advertising drilldown Analysis.