Dive into to the latest evolution of business synergy utilising big data to reduce costs, increase profit and identify opportunity.
Optimise your advertising & maximise your profits
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``From the start delivered results at all levels, the most powerful was the ability to increase revenue by 32.25% within the first month!``

Main Features

Multichannel Support

Utilize your product portfolio and channel variables to increase profits, opportunities and discover competitors.

Price Optimization

Dynamically manage prices across revenue streams, with specific business rules to price against competitors, increase margin and gain a variety of insights.

Brand & Product Management

Manage brands and products from one location and gain 360 degree visibility on your market share.

Supplier & Stock Management

Understand what your suppliers are selling discover opportunities that you never knew you had and optimize your product portfolio!

Business Analysis

Our complete suite of business tools allows you to make the right decisions and start seeing results from day one.


Quickly identify competitors at revenue stream, brand or product level, get key insights at a click of a button!

eCommerce Output

Easily integrate into your existing platforms using WebHooks, API or Export Tools.

Adwords Integration

Take control of your advertising! Autonomously control product buckets based on product variables & historic data.

As Easy as 1.2.3

Import Products

Automatically generate Suppliers, Brands from your initial product import allow quick and easy setup

Product Allocation

Linking products using out automated system give near 90% accurracy


Schedule scans by Brand, Category, SKU allowing constant updating of product pricing and competitor insights.


Output data in multiple formats to update your existing eCommerce platforms

* Free trial limited to 500 SKU's per customer